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There ain't no bright without dark

There is always a time or sets of times in which one feels a little bit suspended like in limbo, that cloud on which nothing feels tangible and one gets the feeling that there are many things one could-should-must be doing but every possible action feels so distant.

Actually, I don't know how to explain it but it all goes down to this. I am formulating a couple of projects at the moment, some personal things, some ideas, some work, some art... but nothing has become concrete! ...and neither things such as work and agenda, have picked up the rythm they had last month in December, right before the break that took me to some days of distance from the city, from cotidianity, from a man made world to a world where man made things were the only things not on sight at all and the sight was dominated by the forces of nature, in the shape of waves, palm trees shaked by the wind, sand, wild fauna, under a sky crowded with stars like I've never seen it before.

It's hard to break away from that nature commanded world where I was running on warm sand with my camera feeling amazingly alive, to find me here again in the man commanded world playing in the snow feeling in limbo, so unreal!.

But there ain't no bright without dark! And as I break away from limbo, breaking through the snow and let inspiration break in again, I think how ironic it is that there's a video project I would like to have finished before the end of this year and it's called REALITY.


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